Tired of not knowing who to turn to when it comes to conducting your job search?
How would you like to have your own job search coach on retainer? Just think of it...someone to help guide you, to ask questions of, to help you sort through the different opportunities that are out there.
Hey, you pay for other professional advice, like lawyers and accountants, because you know how important it is, so why not invest in some guidance when it comes to your job search? Isn't that important too?


Tired of feeling out of control, like your entire career is hanging on whether the proper keywords are embedded into your resume or whether you’ve posted to the “right” sites or you've spoken to the right recruiters?


If that is you, let me blunt:


A job search, ANY job search, is hard work!! It takes a lot of time and effort, and it requires the job seeker to have a plan for how he or she is going to carry out all that time and effort.



I know that isn’t probably what you want to hear.


You want to believe that the expensive résumé and the online posting sites and all those recruiters are going to make it easy for you. But the truth is, it hardly ever works that way.


Don’t get me wrong. Those are all great tools. But that is all they are…tools. Someone must manage the process. Someone must know how to use the tools. And that someone can only be…YOU!
So what is the No-Nonsense approach? The No-Nonsense Job Search Strategy is based on a simple concept called “Write the Vision, Make it Plain, and Run With It.” The premise behind this approach is to empower the job seeker to take more control over his or her job search, to set the proper expectations, and to establish an effective plan for using time and resources.

I know, I know, you still really want to hear that you will have a job in 30 days or less. Well, I’m not saying it isn’t possible; I am simply saying that you need to have a game plan (i.e., “a vision”), that you need to communicate that game plan (i.e., “make it plain”), and that you need to stay on target and stay the course (i.e., “run with it”). Perhaps most of all, you need to recognize the job market you are in.
Now don't delay! How long do you want this search to go on anyway? Time is money, as they say...so let's get started and let's get you on the road to success.
So how does this work?
When it comes to our No-Nonsense Job Search Strategy approach, we offer several different options:
1. For those of you who just want to check out our eBook and want to garner great advice, you can purchase the book along with one of our valuable eguides called The Real Skinny on Professionally Written Resumes. It tells you all you need to know about professional resume writing services and how to evaluate your product versus the competition. Basically, you receive 90 pages of guidance for just $49!


No-Nonsense Job Search Strategy eBook
+ The Real Skinny on Professionally Written Resumes $49
2. Let's face it. Most of need a jumpstart. We can read a book to help us get ideas, but a book can never give us specific advice to our situation. That is why we are offering a 30-minute phone consult with puchase of our eBook. You get the same 90 pages of advice plus now you get a personal assessment from Steve Van Vreede, our job search coach. He will tailor the call to meet your specific needs.
No-Nonsense Job Search eBook Plus 30-minute Phone Consultation

& The Real Skinny on Professionally Written Resumes     $79    preview 

3. OK, you know you need some hands-on help...a book and one phone call just isn't going to cut it. That is where our retainer service comes in. Along with the eBook and the eGuide, you can purchase either a 5-hour or a 10-hour block with Steve. All throughout the job search process, we are on "retainer" for you, which means that you simply contact us, set up an appointment, and Steve will discuss any of your needs.
Not sure how to overcome that question about why you left your past employer?
Not sure how to handle that situation with the recruiter?
Not sure the best approach for salary negotiation?
Or maybe you just want someone to share your frustration with. That's OK too. A job search is tough, and it is wise to have a sounding board, especially one that has good advice!
No-Nonsense Retainer Service-5-Hour Block    $299
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No-Nonsense Retainer Service-10-Hour Block   $499
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That's an amazing value! Most career professionals charge as much as $100/hour. Here you get a certified professional to work with you along with the job search strategy eBook and the resume eGuide. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get the quality help you need!

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