The Real Skinny on Professionally Written Résumés   
Getting mixed reviews about that résumé you had prepared?
Feeling unsure about whether you made the right investment?
Or maybe you haven't even purchased a résumé service yet and aren't sure about how to choose a writer?
If that describes you, then you've come to right place! Find out what you need to know from industry insiders, actual certified résumé writing professionals!
Why is it that so many people seem to think they know something about writing résumés? From your best friend's spouse to your coworker to the online news site you peruse everyday to your next-door neighbor, everyone seems to have an opinion, and yet none of them write résumés for a living! And everyone also seems to know someone who either had a bad experience having their résumé professionally written or paid a lot of money for something they didn't like.
So what is a job seeker to do? 
This guide is written for two groups of job seekers: (1) those that are either still in the searching stage, just trying to find a service to work with, and (2) those that have already purchased a service and aren’t feeling too sure about the product they received. "Our Searching for a Résumé Firm" section is for the first group, whereas our "Common Résumé Misnomers" section is meant for the second group to help sort through the vast amount of misinformation and confusion that is out there as well as provide job seekers with a solid understanding of how they should be weighing their résumé against the competition.
  • How much should you expect to pay?
  • What type of service is right for you?
  • What do recruiters know about writing résumés?
  • Should you upload your résumé for one of those free online critiques?
  • What type of résumé is most effective?
  • What if you are a non-U.S. job seeker?
    Come on, isn't it time you finally had some answers and felt better about your résumé?
  The Real Skinny on Professionally Written Resumes
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Now don't delay! How long do you want this search to go on anyway? Time is money, as they let's get started and let's get you on the road to success.